Customer Support


24X7 customer support

All enquiries will be answered almost immediately. Our customer service will answer to your requirements on the same day of your enquiry. All enquiries on industrial hoses should come with information on Type of Hose required, Internal and Outside Diameter details, Working Temperature requirements, Working and Burst Pressure requirement and application. Prices will be given on the spot if the requirement details are given.


Full customer satisfaction guaranteed

You will be a satisfied customer with the level of service we provide. Our quality is TOP of our priority and you will be a repeat customer always. Our shipment will be as promised and you will receive your order timely. Shipments are never delayed. We book the vessel for shipment of your goods on the day production starts. This way shipment to you is never delayed.


Competitive Pricing

Our prices are always competitive with quality rubber products in your service window. Otherwise we won’t be exporting to many countries worldwide. Competitive pricing comes with better sales for you and more repeat orders for us.